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The Oceanos organization is a "not for profit" organization and our purpose is to provide information and communication support in the development of Internet related services, to governmental or to other global "not for profit" organizations (NGO's and ONG's).

We are dedicated to ensuring that the world we live in will have the technology tools necessary by providing the best capabilities to organizations that are dedicated to improving the life of all - in the belief that it is far better to let an organization focus on what they know best and allow Oceanos help in the background tasks.

We are here to help a wide variety of organizations, from the simple Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's) to national and regional police agencies working with abusive messages or with hate crimes.

Please choose from the left menu to get more information about our organization, Oceanos.org, about the areas where we can help your organization, and how you can contact us if you represent an organization that needs our help, or want to work with us for improving the life of all.

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